Cinevator® - Direct to Print

Cinevator® - Direct to Print by Movielabs FilmsCinevator® enables film-makers to create the highest quality 35mm release print directly from digital image data. Dolby Digital®, DTS®, stereo optical sound and subtitles are all recorded simultaneously with the picture and all in real Time. As release prints are produced without a need for an intermediate negative and optical sound negative, Cinevator® produces the sharpest, cleanest and steadiest prints imaginable.

Key features

  • The Cinevator® records native HD and 2K images direct to 35mm release print complete with sound and subtitles.
  • Image sound and subtitles are recorded simultaneously in real time.
  • Custom designed pin-registered film movement for high performance with superior image stability and frame-to-frame steadiness.
  • Imaging Engine based on Texas Instruments DLP® technology for unsurpassed image quality.
  • The patented LED illumination system guarantees full dynamic range, color fidelity with unsurpassed stability and a long lifespan.
  • Custom designed optical zoom system allows recordings of all formats at native resolution.

Thus there are valuable cost savings in not making the Intermediate Negative from DI Data plus on the expensive analog sound recording process like sound negative, sound transfer etc apart from saving valuable time during the post-production process. The print quality is far superior compared to a traditional DI process, since the digital data directly records onto a print film and saves a generation of process.