VFX & Animation

Movielabs VFX division in Mumbai has a team of highly experienced VFX professionals and offers pre-production services, pre-visualization and design, VFX supervision, CG animation, matte painting, compositing and title design.

Movielabs has created a state of art 2D to 3D conversion facility that combines the best of technology and artistic talent from Hollywood with the most advanced skills and large scale image processing capabilities in India. Also it offers Motion Graphics across a range of genres, including feature film title sequences, music promos, broadcast titles, commercials, in-programme graphics, and corporate films.

Further Movielabs offers top of the line animation services for feature film, commercial, and for broadcast, thus realizing your creative vision. From photo-realistic creatures to cartoon characters to crowds of 'extras', Movielabs animators will start by studying and understanding character and movement, which can vary significantly depending upon what is being animated, before developing the animation in the required format.